How You Can Make Bi-Fold Doors?

Generally, storage areas such as closets are situated in unique places that would otherwise go to waste. Sadly, there is normally not enough space to install regular or different doors yet most of the items stored in these places are very personal. Accordion doors would be perfect for these places expect they do not match many styles.

Your best choice would be to use bi-fold doors. These types of doors need half the distance or ordinary doors for opening. If you are unable to find a bi-fold door for your particular closet, you should consider making your own. Besides the closet, there are different bespoke patio doors in the market today that have a bi-fold design.

How to do it

Sliding Patio Doors and WindowsThe first step is to measure the height and width of the door. Then buy two utility doors with half the width of the door. If you wish to put a track system, your door panels should be at least 1 inch shorter than the door frame.

For proper clearance, follow the mounting instructions from the manufacturer. If necessary, trim the two panels to the same height then slowly cut the door since the exterior panel of the hollow wood door is laminated and may splinter.

If you find it necessary to trim the door beyond 2 inches, it is recommended you cut it all from one side. Take out the lamination from the internal wood core then use a wood glue to insert the interior wood core to the door’s bottom.

Afterwards, trim the door panels’ width by about an eighth of an inch to make room for the hinges. If you determine the doors are broader than the opening, you can trim them until they fit. If your bi-fold door is using shutters, you can maintain a balanced look by trimming the two sides of each panel to half the distance. Then use a sand paper to smoothen the trimmed edges that are exposed.

Use piano hinges to join the shutters or both Patio Doors panels. Fix all the hinges to one panel and make certain they are plum along the edges. While installing the hinges, stop the doors from moving out of alignment by clamping them to each other.

After the installation, remove the hinges to have the bi-fold doors stand in their final position and confirm the hinge is in placed in the correct position, and spacing is suitable.

Next, test if the door opens and closes easily. Later you decide to decorate the door with pictures or light paint.

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Sliding Patio Doors and Windows
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