How Much do small conservatories cost?

In terms of conservatories, what is a small conservatory?  Actually, it is really just a matter of scale, if you have a huge house with lots of ground, then even a 5 metre x 5 metre installation sould be thought of a s small in comparison the the sixe of the property, but for those of us who have less grand places to live, you are probably going to thing anything below 3m x 3m is a small conservatory.

At that size or less, you should also be able to build it without planning permission.

Price factors for small conservatories:

  1. foundations – try working with a stell pre-fabricated base. Simple to install and priced reasonably.
  2. roof – if you stick with poly carbonate it is going to be the cheapest option.
  3. frame material – UPVC is one of the most popular and cost efficient materials to use for the frames.

Small Conservatories CostIf you want to add dwarf walls it will increase the price of the job. You can get small conservatories that fit onto pre-fabricated steel bases that have dwarf walls. This means that you don’t have to dig deep footings (foundations) in order to have a dwarf wall -this is going tosave quite a bit of money.

Pol-carbonaate roofing is very often used for budget conservatories because it is a lot cheaper to use than double glazed roofing and considerably less expensive than a sold tiled conservatoy roof. You should use as a minimum triple chambered sheets and have them as thick as possible to help reduce heat & cold transfer. Poly-carbonate roofs are bery often changed at a later date for solid or glazed roofing by owners who have found that they don’t get along with poly-carb.

The best thing to do is to shop around for design ideas and prices beforehand, and this is where this website can help you out:×3-conservatory-cost

Small Conservatories Cost
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